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Frequently asked questions

What is direct cremation?
This is where the deceased is taken directly to the crematorium without a traditional funeral-taking place first. It removes the need for processes like embalming.

What is the difference between a memorial service and a funeral service?
The body of the deceased is not present at a memorial service, although their ashes can be. With direct cremation, the cremation has taken place prior to the memorial service. This allows for greater flexibility on timings and location. It is often seen as more of a celebration of a person's life, than the mourning of their death.

Can I go to the cremation?
If you wish to attend then please let us know in advance so we can arrange it with the crematorium. There will be an additional charge for this and, although our service is nationwide, we only use specific crematoriums so you may have to travel.

Can you organise a funeral procession, viewing or visitation?
No, this is not possible with direct cremation. You will need the services of a traditional funeral director.

Why are your services so much cheaper than traditional funeral directors?
We use new technology and online tools to manage our services, so we do not have to pay for expensive premises. We don't upsell extras. We do a contemporary, simple service extremely well.

How much does a memorial service cost?
It's up to you, but it doesn't have to be expensive. A memorial service can take any form, from large groups in event spaces or pubs, to more intimate gatherings at home. You can plan your memorial to fit your budget and circumstances. A celebrant can help you with this.

Can a memorial service be religious?
Yes. A celebrant can help you with this.

What is a celebrant?
A celebrant helps you to plan a unique memorial service that celebrates your loved one's life. They help to structure the ceremony, select music, suggest poetry and write speeches. They can also conduct the service if you want them to.

What happen to the ashes?
This is up to you. Our standard fee includes scattering the ashes in our crematorium's tranquil Garden of Remembrance. Alternatively, we can hand-deliver the ashes to you in a wooden urn for an additional £91 if you'd prefer.

Are there any hidden charges?
No. The price you see is what you will pay.

What is included for £895?
We will collect the deceased, prepare all the necessary paperwork, take care of cremation, and scatter the ashes in our crematorium's peaceful Garden of Remembrance.

I can't afford a funeral, can you help?
The cost of a funeral can be an unanticipated expense at an already difficult time. The government offers a Funeral Expense Payment to help families cover costs. We can help you to apply. Find out more

When do I have to pay for your services?
Payment should be made within 14 days after cremation.

What paperwork do I need to arrange a funeral?
We will need the certificate for cremation (commonly known as the 'green form') before cremation can take place. You will receive this from your local registrar when you register the death.

Where is my local registrar?
Call 0800 133 7961 or email us and we will help you to find your local registrar.

Can you register a death for me?
We aren't legally allowed to register the death, but we are familiar with the process and can help you. Call 0800 133 7961 or email us if you'd like some support.

I'm confused by the options, can you help?
We understand that funeral planning can feel overwhelming. We are very happy to talk you through the options or answer any questions without obligation. Simply call 0800 133 7961 or email us for help.